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Why Catania?

Why Asmundo di Gisira?

Why choosing Asmundo and Catania?

To feel the presence of the greatest, most active volcano in Europe and to rest beneath its imposing grandeur.

To stroll through a magical blend of baroque and liberty.

For the leading independent music scene of the moment

For the pleasure of soft, golden sand or to plunge into the sea from the splendid magma rocks

Because its street art marries with an imposing cultural awakening

Because it melts arts and passion...

"To stay in a Living Boutique and stroll amongst its rooms while feeling its soul and emotions...
To Enter in an Art Market Living Boutique where a storyteller of forgotten times narrates its soul and heart..."


Proserpina | Panoramica3 | Hotel-B&B | Piazza Mazzini-Centro-Catania


The Eleusinian Mysteries were amongst the most suggestive and symbolic rites of ancient Greece. They represented the most significant cult of Persephone. Persephone, beautiful daughter of the goddess Demeter, was enthralled by Narcissus on the...see more

Sant’Agata | Bagno Parete3 | Hotel-B&B | Piazza Mazzini-Centro-Catania


Patron saint of the city, Agata was born to a rich and noble family of Catania at the beginning of the III century. At 15 she devoted herself to God’s service and soon after she became Deacon. According to the oral tradition, during her consecration...see more



Where the epic tales of heinous Moors, glorious paladins and courtly love are told. From humble, but strong and brave origins, the young Uzeta desperately fell in love with the daughter of Emperor Federico II. His sword was at the service of the...see more



Our storyteller, with eyes glistening for lost love, tells us about Colapesce. Colapesce, fisherman descendent of fishermen, but so madly in love with the daughter of the king that he accepted a challenge to retrieve a ring thrown in the deepest...see more

Aci e Galatea | Camera da Letto - Panoramica3 | Hotel-B&B | Piazza Mazzini-Centro-Catania

Aci e Galatea

Travel along the beautiful Riviera of the cyclops made famous by the story of Aci and Galatea.You enter the mythological story stared upon by the lampshade resembling the single eye of the cyclops, characterised by his variable chromatic shades for...see more

Eliodoro | Bagno - Specchi | Hotel-B&B | Piazza Mazzini-Centro-Catania


Enchantingly the esoteric nature of the mage Eliodoro becomes assembled in the surreal atmosphere of sixties décor that transports us into his world of imagination. Lover of the occult arts and beguiling capers, he enters the history of Catania...see more