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Asmundo di Gisira, Best Urban Hotel 2018 in the world

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Wallpaper*, the world’s most influential design and style magazine, officially announced Best Urban Hotel 2018 winner among 39  top urban hotels around the world, chosen for their unique interiors and grand designs: Asmundo di Gisira, an art market and living boutique in Catania, Italy.

The vibrant boutique hotel Asmundo di Gisira was the only italian venue which had been shortlisted as Best Urban Hotels 2018 and has now been announced winner of this prestigious reward.

Converted from an 18th-century noble residence located in the heart of Catania, on the edge of the famous Pescheria street market of Catania, in Sicily, Asmundo di Gisira takes Sicilian’s legends as inspiration for its decor, but updates them in contemporary design language.

In 2004, the local entrepreneur and art lover Umberto Gulisano bought and restored part of Palazzo Asmundo entrusting the design of the hotel to Studio GUM from Ragusa in 2013.

A perfect example of  collaboration between an enlightened entrepreneur, sensitive to beauty and design, and a group of professionals who strongly believes in the relationship between art and architecture.

The pay-off  Not just a stay but a once-in-a-lifetime art experience enshrines the vocation of an independent structure that draws inspiration from the city of Catania to deliver a truly hospitality concept made of an extraordinary mix of contemporary art, myths and legends of Sicily.

Each of the 10 rooms is a unique work of art.  Its four suites reproduce the style of the 18th-century Grand Tour period, when the upper-class Europeans passed through Sicily in search of art and culture. While its 6 art rooms, boasting a clutch of unique details, designs and furnishings, tells a different local legend.  

Gathering together works of art and design objects, Asmundo di Gisira is an independent venue which exude pure and authentic emotions, enabling its guests to truly immerse themselves in the enchanted history, culture and tradition of Sicily by delivering a brand new concept of hospitality. Further enriched in 2018 by the synergy of the visual Marilena Briga, able to combine banqueting and events with elegance and innovation, Asmundo di Gisira is definitely innovative even online. Through emotional videos and songs composed inside the structure by Masamune Independent Studio, the sicilian myths and legends become attractive even for all those who were not interested to them before.

For these reason and a thousand more,  Asmundo of Gisira is the Best Urban Hotel 2018.



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