15th October 2018


If you choose the Free Cancellation booking rate, you can cancel or change your booking without penalty up to 48 hours before your scheduled arrival; beyond this limit you will be charged the cost of the total stay. If you opt for the non-refundable rate, the total price of the reservation will be charged after booking.

Internal Regulations


In thanking you for choosing us, we warmly welcome you, inviting you to read this regulation which forms an integral part of the “Hotel” contract – Booking Form.

The use of the stay at our hotel implies the total acceptance of these Regulations, which is implicit following the booking.

The Rules can be consulted at the Reception of the Structure, and on our website: www.asmundodigisira.com

Asmundo di Gisira is characterized by the uniqueness of the cultural and sensory journey it offers its guests – visitors and, due to its particular nature and vocation, compliance with this regulation is an essential basis for any relationship between structure and guests. .

The “residential” vocation imposes on us the burden and the pleasure of making you feel at home, pampered by an elegant and comfortable environment, in the heart of the Etna Baroque and a stone’s throw from the colorful and vital market prescribes to the guest the respect and the care for the structure.

For a good cohabitation we ask you, therefore, that during your stay, compliance with the legal requirements and compliance with the common rules dictated by common sense and mutual respect, are an essential part of the stay itself.

Failure to comply with one or more points of this regulation and the rules contained therein will result in the termination of the contract as a result of economic and legal charges.

The foreword is an integral and essential part of the regulatory provisions that follow


ART.1 PERSONAL DATA: all guests must register their presence in the structure, showing a document of identification (identity card or passport) upon their arrival.

The document will be returned immediately after being registered for the communication of the presence to the competent Public Safety organs. Guests (be they adults or minors) who do not have a valid and recognized ID will not be able to stay in Asmundo di Gisira.

ART.2 CHECK-IN / CHECK-OUT: The Check-in at the hotel is guaranteed from 2.00 pm to 11.00 pm.

For Check-in at different times, it will be the guest’s responsibility to communicate the estimated arrival time in order to make it as comfortable as possible.

If the room is ready before the Check-in time, we will proceed with the immediate assignment – availability, otherwise you can leave your luggage at our Reception.

The Check-out must take place before 10:30 am.

Late Check-out must be agreed with the Reception.

Otherwise, if the guest becomes unreachable and cannot be contacted, in the emergency to reacquire the availability of the room, the personal items and luggage of the guest will be put into storage.

ART. 3 BREAKFAST: Breakfast will be served from 7:30 to 10: 30.Different needs from these times should be communicated and agreed in advance with the Reception, which will provide breakfast with breakfast box.

ART. 4 CHECKING ROOM: Any damage or disruption and malfunction that you should find when taking accommodation in your room should be promptly reported.

Any damages found subsequently will be attributed to you.

ART. 5 DAMAGES: All the common areas and rooms of the structure are furnished with unique pieces of great artistic value and economic value, for which maximum attention is recommended.

Upon departure, the staff will check the rooms, and any damage found will be charged to the guest.

Who causes damage to the building, equipment etc. it is held responsible.

Theft and intentional damage will be reported immediately.

To cover the damage caused , the guest will have to pay at the Check-out a sum, held as a deposit, calculated on the basis of the amount of damage, with the commitment of the structure to proceed with the return of the surplus following restoration and / or repair, where possible, or purchase, by bank transfer of the guest and transmission of the invoice.

The Management reserves the right to use the credit card provided during the booking confirmation, also as a guarantee of the afore mentioned damages and, the guest , at the time of booking , by accepting this regulation , gives his consent.

ART. 6 VALUES AND RESPONSIBILITY: The guest is invited not to leave valuables unattended.

Valuables must be stored in the appropriate safes in the rooms.

The Management declines all responsibility for the goods not kept in the appropriate safe deposit boxes.

ART. 7 BEHAVIOR: Smoking is forbidden in all rooms inside the structure.

Failure to comply with this provision authorizes the immediate removal of the guest.

The loss of the keys or the magnetic card handed over to the Check-in will be charged € 10.00.

From 23.00 in all rooms the acoustic volume should be moderated.

Please keep silent behavior even in common areas, stairs and outdoor areas.

A rational use of water and electricity is recommended.

The guests of the structure will take care to avoid any form of waste.

The Management reserves the right to modify the present regulations for reasons of opportunity and operation of the services, making it public in time.


Our staff is at the complete disposal of guests for every need, as it is our pleasure and pride to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


The direction